We are proud to work for you

Who are we ?

The DE SANGOSSE Group promotes the implementation of agricultural models that are more competitive, environmentally and consumer-friendly, water and energy-efficient, in order to address food challenges, climate variability, and environmental issues.

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Our clients need to produce better, in sufficient quantities, while preserving a healthy environment. The DE SANGOSSE Group develops, manufactures, approves, and markets a set of complementary, modern, and robust technologies that are both sustainable and innovative.

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An international presence

Built on a strong local presence and close relationships with its customers, DE SANGOSSE asserts its status as an international agro-supply company with its 44 subsidiaries located on 5 continents to meet the needs of agricultural professionals.

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Our production sites

International production with 28 state-of-the-art units for manufacturing high-quality products. Explore one of our bait technology production sites in France, a factory of the future, an example of our commitment to sustainable development.

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A sustainable strategy

Choosing BioSolutions means winning on all fronts: it’s about optimizing the overall effectiveness of treatments while preserving yields and the environment. DE SANGOSSE supports you in successfully navigating the necessary agro-ecological transition.

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Proximity management

The primary focus of management is controlled growth and the sustainability of the group. The key elements of our entrepreneurial approach are empowerment, team cohesion, attentiveness to operational services, and the involvement of our employees.

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