An international production

A quality policy supported by 28 production units

DE SANGOSSE has developed modern production centers on different continents, where cutting-edge technologies allow it to consistently supply high-quality products in sufficient quantities.

Production site for "bait technologies" in Agen, the factory of the future

Located in Pont-du-Casse (47), this factory dedicated to the production of DE SANGOSSE molluscicides, was inaugurated in 2019.

Designed as the factory of the future, it exemplifies DE SANGOSSE’s strategy in the field of positive, modern, and sustainable agriculture: #PositiveProduction

      • Balancing lcircular economy and employment
      • Strong local ties and international development 
      • Addressing social | societal | environmental | technological challenges

The BORIE INDUSTRIES factory embodies a commitment to sustainable development through:

      • Biocontrol production
      • Energy efficiency
      • Waste valorization
      • Completely redesigned working conditions