SIVAL 2023: Here, Biocontrol works!

Le stand DE SANGOSSE, AGRONUTRITION et BIOVITIS, pour un effet WOW !!!

The 36th edition of SIVAL closed its doors on January 19th, welcoming over 25,000 visitors.

Our joint booth with DE SANGOSSE, AGRONUTRITION, and BIOVITIS within the Biocontrol Village once again provided the opportunity for professional and friendly encounters between our experts and producers, distributors, influencers, and journalists.

The Biocontrol Village, co-built by IBMA France, returned for its 2nd edition at SIVAL. A place that allowed companies to showcase all the techniques of natural solutions for the benefit of plants and agricultural performance.

Twelve companies, including DE SANGOSSE, partnered with IBMA France in this village. Over the three days of the fair, a forum featuring 16 conferences took place, where we had the opportunity to speak at a conference about biocontrol and HVE in vineyards.

A good way to emphasize that our Biosolutions DE SANGOSSE are tools for reducing the impact of chemical inputs on farms and meet the requirements of specifications and HVE certification.

These topics establish the DE SANGOSSE Group as a recognized leader in BIOSOLUTIONS and an example of innovation in sustainable agriculture.

Biosolutions, key drivers for the successful agroecological transition of French agriculture.

We had the honor of welcoming Marc Fesneau, Minister in charge of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, to our booth. This meeting highlights our #positiveproduction approach and our innovations for agroecological transition, the fight against climate change, and crop protection, addressing the economic, attractiveness, ecological, and social challenges that farmers and industries face.

Our role as a leading actor is a source of honor and commits us to even higher development. We hope that our mission will continue to be supported.

A gauche, Christophe ZUGAJ, Directeur de la Communication DE SANGOSSE et au centre, Marc FESNEAU, Ministre de l'Agriculture

The 36th edition of SIVAL was enriching for all stakeholders in our industries.

We warmly thank all the visitors of SIVAL whom we met for the fruitful exchanges we had together. We already look forward to seeing you next year at SIVAL for its 37th edition! January 16th, 17th, and 18th, 2024 for the next edition!

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