DE SANGOSSE Group acquires a strategic stake in ISCA Inc.

DE SANGOSSE Group acquires a strategic stake in ISCA Inc. to bring semiochemical solutions for a greener global insect management market

Insect pests wreak havoc on crops, spread diseases, and upset ecosystems, leading to significant economic and societal consequences. The traditional remedy has been extensive use of conventional chemical crop protection products, over 4 million tons per year of these products, but challenges persist: crop losses continue, pests grow resistant, non-target species are negatively affected, and residues contaminate food, applicators, consumers, and the environment.

DE SANGOSSE is a leading international player in agricultural biosolutions, with vast distribution network, in over 60 countries worldwide. Drawing on its recognized experience, DE SANGOSSE has been operating with agility and success for many years in the world of biosolutions and biocontrol, proposing progressive approaches to sustainable crop management.

ISCA offers crop protection solutions that leverage natural substances to alter insect behavior.

The Company’s groundbreaking technologies harness the potential of biocommunicators to modify insect activities, such as enticing pollinators to specific crops, luring pests to traps and baits, interfering with specific mating behaviors, and repelling pests away from target plants.

Thanks to ISCA’s groundbreaking technologies, and DE SANGOSSE’s leadership in Biosolutions, the two partners are able to offer alternative crop protection solutions. These benefits include increased crop yields and an environmentally friendly approach that leaves no residues on food or in the environment.

It also assures farmers of a sustainable management of modes of action and control methods to prevent the emergence of insect resistance, greater health safety for farm workers and applicators, ease of application, added value for productions by meeting production and certification specifications and a response to the civil society’s expectations and increasingly stringent regulations on reducing the use of conventional chemical products.

The path toward sustainable agriculture calls for innovative biosolutions. The partnership between DE SANGOSSE and ISCA expands the footprint of Semiochemicals solutions, which include formulations using nature-identical pheromones, attractants, repellents, and other insect behavior-modifying solutions to the global crop protection arena. In addition to specialty crops, DE SANGOSSE and ISCA will bring these new solutions to field row crops.

Nicolas Fillon, CEO of DE SANGOSSE Group, expressed,

“Our dedication over the past 15 years has transformed us into a global agricultural tech entity. We prioritize sustainable agricultural production and biodiversity. With ISCA, we enrich our portfolio by introducing effective semiochemical-based pest management solutions. Our partnership with ISCA, known for its eco-friendly approach to minimizing conventional pesticide use, aligns with our vision of fostering a greener and healthier planet.”

Dr. Agenor Mafra-Neto, CEO of ISCA Inc., added,

“This partnership amplifies our potential to usher in a future of sustainable insect management. As consumers and governments worldwide advocate for cleaner food and reduced pesticide use, our green insect behavioral management technologies offer an elegant solution. A nearly 30-year commitment to driving costs down for farmers and improving performance in the semiochemical domain ensures farmers minimize environmental impacts while maximizing crop productivity. Partnering with DE SANGOSSE enhances our shared vision for sustainable agriculture.”

Jean-Pierre Princen, Chairman of ISCA Inc. added,

“Nobody could have dreamed of a better fit to redefine the global insect management arena…The alliance of two best-in-class entities: The global Biosolutions pure player in all types of crops (De Sangosse) with the global Technology leader on eco-friendly insect management solutions for all types of insects (ISCA). What better focus to accelerate the positive impact on agricultural sustainability, biodiversity, food quality and people’s health!”


ISCA, headquartered in Riverside, Calif., is a global leader in semiochemical insect pest management solutions, catering to row, specialty, and forestry crops. As a pioneering biotech entity, ISCA is committed to the research, development, and commercialization of innovative, safe, and eco-friendly management solutions for agriculturally detrimental pests and disease vectors. Harnessing the power of nature’s biocommunicator compounds, ISCA’s groundbreaking products not only offer protection against destructive pests but also ensure the preservation of non-target species. In many scenarios, ISCA’s solutions significantly reduce or eliminate the need for traditional pesticides. For a deeper insight into our sustainable approach to crop protection, please visit


DE SANGOSSE is an international player in crop protection, plant nutrition, and pest control. DE SANGOSSE supports the profound transformation of agricultural sectors by providing farmers with biosolutions, biofertilizers, biostimulants, biocontrol, adjuvants, and decision-making tools to feed, stimulate, and protect crops for a triple social, ecological, and economic performance. The business project is linked to the vision of positive, modern, and sustainable agriculture proudly contributing to it on a daily basis with scalable solutions to meet the major challenges facing agriculture, food issues, climate risks and changes in international regulations. With 1,250 employees, 40 operating companies worldwide, 27 production units and sales in over 60 countries, DE SANGOSSE is well poised to make a mark in sustainable agriculture.

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