DE SANGOSSE develops its Biosolutions in India with KAN BIOSYS

DE SANGOSSE and KAN BIOSYS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED have announced that DE SANGOSSE has signed definitive agreements to acquire a strategic stake in Kan Biosys India Private Limited (“Kan Biosys”). Kan Biosys is an established player in microbial technologies in India and has been serving the Indian farmer for over 18 years.

DE SANGOSSE makes strategic investment in Kan Biosys India Private Limited to build robust microbial and bio-solutions ecosystem in India.

Climate change is a reality, which is affecting agriculture all across the world and result in reduction of yields of crops. Those challenges can only be mitigated by climate resilient technologies to arm the farmer to fight compromised yields.

Building soil health with Carbon is at the root of it with microbial products and bio-solutions catalyzing the change to a sustainable future

Microbes act as buffers between the plant and the environment, which helps them, combat several of those challenges: drought, flooding, salinity, low and high temperature.The new entity Kan Biosys-DE SANGOSSE will be expanding its product/technology reach among Indian farmers to improve profitability with focus on soil health and food safety.

Innovation is in the DNA of Kan Biosys

Kan Biosys and agriculturally important microbes share a strong bond since last three decades. Kan Biosys, based in Prune in the Maharasta, has footprints in seven states and exporting to seven countries. The Company is an Indian pure player specialised in biologics with a solid foundation engaged in the production of microbial inputs for agriculture.
Starting from the 1st Indian Patent for liquid biofertilizers for nitrogen fixing bacteria which won the first Technology Day award and WIPO gold medal of United Nations, Kan Biosys has come a long way in working with over a million farmers in India.

Kan Biosys has established itself as a quality player with many firsts to its credit:

  • Milastin – first registered biofungicide based on Bacillus subtilis KTSB 1015 was registered for control of powdery mildew in grapes and in various horticulture crops.
  • Foliar nitrogen fixation by microbes based on Azotobacter is a concept that is gaining huge importance in India and in several crops.
  • Kan Biosys is the only Indian company to have award winning technology for improving soil carbon that can stop crop stubble burning in rice and sugarcane.

A clearly shared vision

With 27 operating companies over the world, and sales in 60 countries, DE SANGOSSE is an international player in crop protection, plant nutrition and pest control. It’s mission supports the profound transformation of agricultural sectors by providing farmers with biosolutions, biofertilizers, biostimulants, biocontrol and adjuvants to feed, stimulate, protect crops for a triple social , ecological and economic performance. The business project is linked to the vision of positive, modern and sustainable agriculture. This vision is clearly shared by the two companies that have complementary assets. The new alliance will focus primarily on the expansion of biosolutions in India. Its objective is to create a new dynamic in the agricultural ecosystem in India, and thus quickly gain market share.

The development of Kan Biosys-DE SANGOSSE is under the direction of Sandeepa Kanitkar

with his team of 150 people. Sandeepa has spent more than 3 decades working on the development of Biosolutions. She is also Vice-Chairman of BASAI (Biological Agri Solutions Association of India). As per Sandeepa Kanitkar – “It is an exciting time for new microbials technologies and we are proud to be associated with DE SANGOSSE which shares our vision and believes in our strengths. Every seed can be optimised by coating microbial solutions, each pest can be controlled by a biocontrol solution and all soils need microbials to preserve their fertility. Our association will make it possible to achieve our objectives; Biosolutions have a major role to play”.

As per Nicolas Fillon CEO DE SANGOSSE

“India has 140+ million arable hectares this is a key market for our group. The two companies will leverage their research to develop new products to support agriculture global trends. We are working to provide innovative sustainable solutions in Agriculture to benefit our customers in Indian market, developing synergies between DE SANGOSSE and Kan Biosys. We are excited to have the opportunity to work with such an experienced and dedicated team to expand Kan Biosys business. The high-quality portfolio of Kan Biosys in Microbiols, and its Indian footprint, will strengthen DE SANGOSSE Group global project”.

The new alliance will develop its portfolio on all agricultural products, market gardening, arboriculture, vines, industrial crops, and row crops, with the aim of improving the added value and thus the economic result of farmers.

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