Insect pests are a veritable scourge, ravaging crops, spreading disease and disrupting entire ecosystems, with considerable economic impact. To counter this problem, over 4 million tonnes of pesticides are used on the planet every year.

DE SANGOSSE is going to develop insecticides and acaricides for all crops on the European market, thanks to several innovative formulations based on natural substances

PERTINENT ECO-SOLUTIONS is a benchmark player in unique formulations of active ingredients derived from plants.

Its innovative technology is based on the scientific optimization of the natural insecticidal power of certain plant extracts, in order to replace conventional pesticides with high-performance, environmentally friendly alternatives.

DE SANGOSSE is a leading international player in agricultural biosolutions

Drawing on its recognized experience, DE SANGOSSE has been operating with agility and success for many years in the world of biosolutions, proposing progressive approaches and sustainable crop management.

New, highly effective solutions

With a dual physical and biological mode of action, and an immediate effect after application, PERTINENT ECO-SOLUTIONS’ innovative new solutions are capable of controlling insects at all stages of their development (from egg to larva to adult). They also act against insects that have developed resistance to conventional insecticides. They are safe for the environment, animals and people. They leave no residues and can be used in organic farming.

As per Nicolas Fillon, CEO of the DE SANGOSSE Group:

“Over the past 15 years, DE SANGOSSE has become an international agricultural technology company. We focus on the key challenges facing agriculture, offering our customers alternatives to chemicals for sustainable agricultural production that promotes biodiversity.
As a leader in biosolutions, our exclusive portfolio offers farmers a comprehensive range of biofertilizers, biostimulants, adjuvants, biocontrol and phytotherapy products. Our strategy is to invest in innovation. We offer the most technically effective biosolutions, based on sound science. This brings us unmistakably closer to PERTINENT ECO-SOLUTIONS, whose aim is to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable planet by reducing the use of conventional pesticides through the use of natural, environmentally safe and effective solutions with global marketing potential”.

Bruno Jactel, Chairman and CEO of PERTINENT ECO-SOLUTIONS, adds:

“PERTINENT ECO-SOLUTION is committed to working alongside farmers and growers to provide them with effective solutions against pests, capable of increasing the productivity of target crops while respecting the environment and the health of flora and fauna. In DE SANGOSSE, we have found a reference partner with whom we share the same vision of tomorrow’s agriculture, the same objectives of feeding the planet with quality products, and the same values of environmental and health protection. What’s more, we see many synergies with the products in the DE SANGOSSE range, which will enable us to offer innovative, complete and highperformance solutions for pest control. We’re delighted with DE SANGOSSE’s confidence in us, their interest in our unique technology, and the potential of our collaboration”.


PERTINENT ECO-SOLUTIONS, a French company with a subsidiary in the United States, develops new insect control technologies based on plant extracts. Its mission is to replace the use of conventional pesticides with solutions that are at least as effective, but more protective of health and the environment. Its expertise is based on the mastery of microemulsion processes and the synergistic combination of plant extracts. Having built up a unique bank of over 200 product prototypes, PERTINENT ECO-SOLUTIONS is present in the livestock, crop protection and insect control professional sectors.


DE SANGOSSE (Agen, France) is a leading international player in agricultural technology. Backed by its recognized experience, the group has been operating with agility and success for many years in the world of biosolutions. DE SANGOSSE offers progressive solutions to meet the key challenges of agriculture, food issues, climate risks and changing French and international regulations. By offering its customers alternatives to synthetic chemistry, the Group contributes to sustainable agricultural production that promotes biodiversity. As a leader in biosolutions, its exclusive portfolio provides farmers with a complete range of biofertilizers, biostimulants, biocontrol products and adjuvants. The Group’s mission is to support the profound transformation of agricultural sectors by making its biosolutions available to all types of farming and all production methods. The cross-fertilization of its technologies makes it possible to nourish, stimulate and protect crops for triple economic, social and ecological performance. DE SANGOSSE contributes to creating value for its customers and the industry through innovation and a high level of expertise. The company has been awarded the “Committed to CSR” label by Afnor. It has a total of 1,250 employees, 40 operating companies and distribution activities in over 60 countries. DE SANGOSSE’s capital is majority-owned by its employees, which guarantees its independence and ensures a long-term vision of its business project. 

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