Biosolutions: Treating Right for Better Treatment!

Combined with various tools available to farmers such as varietal tolerance, prophylactic practices limiting pest or disease pressures, precision agriculture, and spraying techniques,… DE SANGOSSE Biosolutions allow for the harmonization of economic imperatives and ecological requirements, promoting both yield and environmental sustainability in agriculture.

DE SANGOSSE, leader in BioSolutions, continues to innovate and is committed to democratizing their use. We need to overcome preconceptions, show and demonstrate again and again. BioSolutions are easy to use! Let’s go!

Biosolutions at the heart of DE SANGOSSE's strategy.

For over 15 years, DE SANGOSSE has acquired genuine expertise. As evidence, the company has introduced 12 biocontrol product launches in the last three years, further enriching the broadest range in both large-scale and specialized crops (vineyards / orchards and market gardening). The company also dedicates all of its investments to developing innovation in this product range.

"Turning the environment into an added value through BIOCONTROL.

In the biocontrol segment, DE SANGOSSE offers a range of 44 products, with over 1 million hectares used each year. When including adjuvants and biofertilization-biostimulation, this number quickly rises to 8 million hectares in France. Furthermore, 35% of CEPP (Sustainable Pesticide Use) records include at least one DE SANGOSSE solution.


Being a leader in BioSolutions also means changing practices in the field, demonstrating that reducing inputs is simple when working with a comprehensive approach. Biosolutions Farms are full-scale incubators that yield astonishing results.

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