Biosolutions in high places!

At the SIMA (November 6-10, 2022), the international exhibition for efficient and sustainable agricultural solutions and technologies at the Parc des Expositions in Villepinte (Paris), we hosted a round table with professionals from the agricultural and machinery world, academic research, the Academy of Agriculture in France, and parliamentarians to explain their usefulness, how they work, share our expertise in Biosolutions, as well as user feedback.

Theme of the round table: « How do Biosolutions contribute to better environmental consideration in agriculture, while improving its social acceptability and the quality of life for farmers? »

It was a success both in terms of understanding our strategy and the interest in our solutions.

Christophe ZUGAJ (à gauche) Directeur Communication et Affaires Publiques DE SANGOSSE

Jean-Marc SAUREL (au centre), Global Marketing & Projects Manager Adjuvants DE SANGOSSE

The speakers : 

  • Dominique POTIER – Deputy of Meurthe-et-Moselle
  • André FOUGEROUX – Academy of Agriculture in France
  • Hervé LAPIE – Deputy General Secretary of FNSEA – President of the Contract of Solutions
  • Guillaume LEFORT – Farmer – Honorary President of Agridemain
  • François-Xavier JANIN – Marketing Manager France Pulvé
  • Emmanuel PIRON – Inrae
  • Gilles MARECHAL – Director of Agridemain
  • Jean-Marc SAUREL – Global Manager Adjuvants DE SANGOSSE
  • Christophe ZUGAJ – Director of Communication and Public Affairs DE SANGOSSE

Agriculture today stands at the crossroads of all major societal challenges, and ecology is both on everyone’s lips and in all roadmaps. Nowadays, no one disputes the need for an agroecological transition. However, BioSolutions still raise questions:

  • In what context should they be prioritized?
  • What are their strengths?
  • Have they proven themselves in the field?

Far beyond environmental and economic motivations, the BioSolutions from the DE SANGOSSE Group (Biofertilizers, biostimulants, Biocontrol, Adjuvants, decision support tools, services, and equipment) provide robust technical and agronomic answers, and bring meaning to the profession of agriculture: They enrich the narrative of producing better with less, strengthening the connection between the land, those who cultivate it, and those who nourish from it.

For DE SANGOSSE, the French leader in BioSolutions, the key words are to progress without opposing.

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