DE SANGOSSE acquires FERTIPLUS France, a recognized player in the Plant Nutrition market


FERTIPLUS France and its International subsidiaries, a specialist in Plant Nutrition solutions founded in 1984, is now part of the DE SANGOSSE group.

For over twenty years, FERTIPLUS France and its subsidiaries have been designing, developing, producing and marketing their specialties internationally, with strong involvement in Biostimulants.  

The partnerships forged with several competitiveness hubs, including QualiMediterranée, Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation and Cirad, give farmers access to effective, profitable solutions that play a full role in environmental protection.

This deal is accelerating the strategic plan put together by DE SANGOSSE, a reference player in Protection BioSolutions and Plant Nutrition.

Biostimulants, already widely developed in the group by AGRONUTRITION, SERVALESA and NUTRIENT TECHNOLOGIES, represent huge development potential by offering farmers efficient technical solutions in line with the environmental expectations of the Civil Society. Under a combinatorial approach, incorporating agronomy, soil life (Bio fertilisation), Biocontrol and decision-making tools, they contribute to the development of new Agroecological models.

“In a rapidly-changing market, the R&D, industrial, marketing and commercial synergies between FERTIPLUS, AGRONUTRITION and the group's international subsidiaries will allow us to strengthen our presence in the major agricultural regions, especially Asia, Africa and South America. This agreement confirms our commitment to bring Plant Nutrition and Biostimulation solutions to the market to serve a productive and competitive agriculture” states Nicolas Fillon, CEO of the DE SANGOSSE group.

FERTIPLUS France, with its production site based in the region of Barcelona in Spain “will rely on the resources of the DE SANGOSSE group to continue to develop new products. The international presence of DE SANGOSSE will boost the marketing of the FERTIPLUS product range on the world market” states Nicolas Fillon.

Jérôme Peltier, Director of FERTIPLUS France indicates that "signing this strategic agreement with the DE SANGOSSE group is excellent news for the development of projects commenced several years ago. It is indeed a decisive step, and one that makes us proud, for the future of our companies, as well as for our partners.”

He adds that “This agreement, bolstered by so many synergies with the DE SANGOSSE group, a reference European player in Biosolutions, will be of benefit to all our historical and future partners by boosting considerably our international presence, at their side, as well as through a new offer in terms of depth of range and services.”

Jérôme Peltier underlines lastly that “This acquisition by the DE SANGOSSE group also ensures that FERTIPLUS can rely on a major, highly-efficient R&D hub, that guarantees future market introductions of specialties benefiting from the latest knowledge in plant nutrition and which will result in an innovative, stand-out offer for our partners.” FERTIPLUS is growing constantly and the technical development and marketing of its product portfolio will be accelerated by its integration into the DE SANGOSSE group.”


FERTIPLUS France was created in 1984 by Mr Georges Peltier and taken over by 2002 by Mr Jérôme Peltier.

Through the many partnerships forged in some thirty countries, this French SME develops, products and markets internationally high value added nutritional solutions in line with an agriculture undergoing profound change, concerned over the preservation of natural environments, while optimizing harvest profitability, traceability and quality.

FERTIPLUS France is involved extensively in the field of Biostimulants for coping with abiotic stress situations and its highly-efficient products and services are bolstered by a technical team with genuine expertise in plant nutrition, which has propelled the company into continuous expansion internationally. 

FERTIPLUS France, in conjunction with the major players in both agricultural production and distribution, develops nutritional solutions capable of responding favorably to the regulatory, environmental, economic, cultural and soil and climate constraints of every export market in which the company is positioned.