DE SANGOSSE inaugurates a new production line in Brazil dedicated to its Adjuvants


DE SANGOSSE invests in the local production of LI 700® in Brazil.

In the presence of our partners Fortgreen and the Origin group, on September 16, we inaugurated the new production and packaging line of LI 700® at our site in Ibiporã in the state of Paranã (North West region of Brazil) .

Following the renewal of our partnership contract with our adjuvant supplier Loveland, we have concluded this local production agreement in order to improve our responsiveness to our customers and our quality of service in this rapidly developing market.

For DE SANGOSSE, this is a significant investment which opens up very good prospects for growth.

Thanks to the involvement of the whole DE SANGOSSE AGROQUIMICA team on site, that of our Supplier and Distribution partners as well as DE SANGOSSE's Adjuvant Global Managers, we are accelerating our development and our degree of involvement in this strategic market for the company that confirms our commitment to modern, positive and sustainable agriculture.