The biotechnology company Symbiom®, founded in 1999 and based in Sázava, Czech Republic, is now part of the DE SANGOSSE group.

Symbiom Ltd. is a Czech company with more than 20 years experience in the research, development, production, and application of symbiotic mycorrhizal fungi. Its development is based on a range of sustainable plant nutrition solutions. Symbiom offers premium quality mycorrhizae, owing in particular to a specific production system.

Its products are aimed at all types of agriculture, they have been recognised for many years for their high levels of performance and are in line with current and future societal and agronomic expectations.

DE SANGOSSE is a global BioSolutions® player: BioFertilizers, BioStimulants, BioControl, BioAdjuvants, and Management tools, allowing to Feed, Stimulate and Protect crops for a triple economic, social and ecological performance.

DE SANGOSSE, as well as the founders of Symbiom, share the same strategic insights.

"We are convinced that this operation will enable us to strengthen our international position as a key player in biotechnology, develop strategic markets and innovate in the production of organic solutions. Through this partnership, we aim to become an important stakeholder in the agricultural and forestry markets, which require an environmentally friendly approach to future production," said Petr Kotyza, Managing Director of Symbiom Ltd. 

Nicolas FILLON, CEO of the DE SANGOSSE group, states that "For DE SANGOSSE, a key player in the field of BioSolutions, this merger accelerates the company's strategic development and consolidates the group's growth. The combined expertise of Symbiom and DE SANGOSSE in the field of symbiotic mycorrhizal fungi will enable us to market breakthrough solutions, thanks to cutting-edge technology. DE SANGOSSE thus confirms its strategic vision and commitment to modern, positive and sustainable agriculture ».