DE SANGOSSE acquires the Company CCL


CCL has historically been an important player in the fields of spray enhancers and biocontrol in France and more recently in Southern Europe. For over 30 years the company has been accumulating expertise in the design, development, certification and production of speciality products. CCL products are known for their high level of performance and the quality of their formulation. The company has recently made a major investment at their Compiègne site, enabling it to double its production capacity.

The quality of the current portfolio, particularly the potential of a very innovative product under development, led the managers and founders, Philippe PAILLISSON and Marie-Pierre BLANCHARD, to embark upon a new stage of growth.

DE SANGOSSE is a major player in biocontrol and spray enhancers and is present on the main agricultural markets worldwide. The support of DE SANGOSSE's operational structures in France and internationally will enable CCL to accelerate its development. DE SANGOSSE, on the other hand, will benefit from the support of a modern industrial base and additional innovation capacity in additives and biocontrol.

In the current context of new regulatory requirements in Europe (re-registration of active substances) and in France (Ecophyto II plan, CEPP-certificate), the DE SANGOSSE - CCL alliance offers a number of complementary features and assures the positioning of this new collaboration in a modern and sustainable vision of agriculture.

CCL and its stakeholders will continue to operate independently but will now take advantage of the resources of the DE SANGOSSE group leading to many potential synergies. The two companies know each other well and have been collaborating for many years which is an additional asset contributing to the success of the project.

Lastly, the strength of CCL's historic family roots, responsible for the company's success, will remain intact in DE SANGOSSE's original capital structure. This guarantees control of the strategy over the long term, and  allocates resources to the group’s growth.