Plant Protection and Bio-Control



A specialist in Plant Protection, DE SANGOSSE has developed high-level technical know-how regarding the commercial development of products entrusted to the company.

Today, the company has extensive resources enabling it to develop both traditional chemical solutions and bio-control products.

The aim is to offer agriculture eco-friendly plant protection tools.


The expertise of our Technical Department has enabled us to successfully market herbicides, particularly for main crops. This know-how, associated with that of the Regulatory Affairs team, has also led to marketing authorizations being obtained recently – such as for LBG-01F34, a product to combat mildew in vines, based on potassium phosphonate salts, and for CHECKMATE CM-XL, codlemone diffusers used for the sexual confusion of codling moths.
We are further developing our scientific prowess through a joint project supported by two French regional authorities in Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrénées – Neoprotec.


Our aim is to offer a wide range of plant protection products to our customers, to maintain the productivity of their crops and at the same time meet environmental requirements.

We want our bio-control products to be accepted not only by organic farming but also by the traditional agricultural sector.

In order to do this, our team seeks out the most promising solutions to be developed on the market and then acquires all of the technical knowledge required to register those products.