Since 1996, the brand AGRIDYNE has been built up around expertise in adjuvants.
AGRIDYNE has contributed to the strong position of the French adjuvant market by making technical innovations which have been adopted by farmers. The firm has developed unique expertise.



The expertise of the DE SANGOSSE Group in adjuvants is based on product knowledge acquired throughout the upstream process. Adjuvants form a category of input that is regulated in a similar way to plant protection products.

Once efficacy has been demonstrated to the authorities, the DE SANGOSSE teams continue development in the field. In this way, new ways for farmers to use adjuvants with their plant protection treatments can be explored and discovered on a continuous basis.



Our aim: to discover new adjuvant solutions, limiting them as far as possible, which meet the technical and environmental challenges facing agriculture more and more.

In order to do this, one of our approaches is to develop innovative methodologies to identify adjuvant solutions for the future and to seek out the most promising of them.

In order to support these technical projects, we are open to collaboration with the public and private sectors to share knowledge and further progress.