Pest control


Providing solutions to control pest populations through innovation and by applying our scientific, regulatory, technical and marketing expertise.

The aim of the DE SANGOSSE Group is to develop technical pest control solutions.

Major investments are made in Research & Development, bringing innovative products adapted to different situations to the markets.


  • To identify new and original methods to combat pests
  • To identify new ways to take action
  • To develop new formulations and new processes
  • To develop new pest control tools
  • To improve experimental tools and equipment



  • Creating and improving bait formulations
  • Evaluating new manufacturing processes on pilot production lines
  • Sample production for experiments
  • Developing analytical methods for regulatory or quality control purposes
  • Carrying out biological tests
  • Assessment and certification of all product batches in Group factories
  • Assessment of compliance of all laboratory procedures in a GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) environment


Two dedicated research laboratories in France and in the United States

US Laboratory in Milwaukee
- Rodenticides

 French R&D Pont du Casse
- All baits
- All pests (slugs, rodents, etc...)


We are open to all forms of complementary partnerships to develop new product.

We have specific agreements with certain partners (universities, laboratories, etc...) with particular skills outside the scope of our teams. We develop R&D activites in partnership with other firms. This enables us to access complementray resources and meet shared objectives.

Our collaboration agreements may cover different areas : active ingredients, adjuvants, raw materials, new processes, etc... We are open to discussion with partners looking for specialists in pest control.

Our objectives are to make unceasing improvements in our products and make innovations in pest control. There are many issues involved, and we have to be highly skilled in several fields (analysis, formulation, biology, toxicology, chemistry, physics, regulatory affairs, to name but a few...).