DE SANGOSSE launches new METAREX INOV in Germany


On January 11th, 2016 DE SANGOSSE GmbH, the German subsidiary of DE SANGOSSE SA, invited the German agriculture press for the launch of the new slug bait METAREX INOV in Germany.

As the second to last country for the DE SANGOSSE Group in Europe, Germany finally received the registration for the new slug bait METAREX INOV. With the new slug bait, DE SANGOSSE GmbH heralds a new era of slug control in Germany at the press conference in Munich on January 11th, 2016. “Our R&D department did research on the preferences of slugs and found 2 molecules from all seed rape that were extraordinarily tasty and fragrant to slugs. These molecules were integrated in the “RAPSAKTIV” formulation of our new metayldehyd slug bait METAREX INOV”, explained Heinrich Wilhelm, Marketing & Sales director of DE SANGOSSE GmbH to the journalists. The new “RAPSAKTIV” formulation enhances attraction, taste and speed of impact of the new METAREX INOV bait. The very good ballistic features, high weather resistance and the safeness of useful animals are keeping the high METAREX standard. “Thanks to the innovative formulation, one METAREX INOV bait is able to control up to 6 slugs, depending on the size of the slug”, commented Jean-Daniel Wiss, International Bait Technology Marketing Manager at DE SANGOSSE SA. METAREX INOV is listed e.g. for all seed rape, wheat, corn and sugar beets. 5 applications with a minimum gap of 5 days and an annual application rate of 17.5 kg/ha are permitted. New in Germany is the fact that, depending on the crop, different application methods and rates are allowed. 5 kg/ha in broad dispensation are allowed for all cultures, as well as 4 kg/ha for row treatment in all crops except cereals. A third and new application method is seed mixing. 4 kg/ha of METAREX INOV are allowed to be mixed and applied with wheat seed but only on loose soil with high slug pressure. Very interesting for the journalists has been the announcement of 3 different package sizes – 5 kg bag for 1-1.25 ha, 20 kg bag for 4-5 ha and 300 kg big bag for 60-75 ha.